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Tooth Fillings

We use high quality mercury-free tooth fillings at our Parkdale dental clinic to fill cavities, restore damaged teeth and replace unsightly amalgam fillings

Restorations so natural that no one need ever know! At Synergy Dental Group we’re proud to be mercury-free. We use white composite dental fillings skilfully matched to the colour of the surrounding teeth. Let our experienced dentists restore your smile beautifully to its natural appearance. Talk, laugh, smile, or sing with confidence without the worry of unsightly metal amalgam fillings showing.  

About our white tooth fillings in Parkdale:

If you need a dental filling in Parkdale, then we’re here to help. Cavities and small fractures if left untreated will only get worse and lead to more complicated and expensive treatments. Modern composite tooth fillings blend in seamlessly with the natural tooth to restore both aesthetics and functionality. 

Teeth that are decayed can cause chronic pain, tooth sensitivity and long term damage which is why our Parkdale dentists recommend immediate treatment. 

If you have old cracking amalgam fillings or a tooth cavity, why not schedule an appointment online where we can discuss your options.

The white tooth fillings provided by our Parkdale dentist have many benefits which include: 

  • They can be used in any area of the mouth

  • Aesthetically they look beautiful 

  • There is less chance of a tooth cracking

  • They retain more of the natural tooth structure 

  • Composite fillings can be completed in a single visit and,

  • They are durable and long-lasting

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Need a tooth filling?

If you’d like to find out more about how our composite tooth fillings in Parkdale could help your smile, get in touch with the friendly dental team at Synergy Dental Group.

Call our dentist in Parkdale Vic on (03) 7003 2185 or Book Online

We welcome patients from many other local Melbourne suburbs including Mentone, Mordialloc and Cheltenham.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Fillings

Why should I choose composite dental fillings over metal fillings?

The obvious answer is the appearance. White composite fillings will not compromise your smile and because they are tooth coloured they’re virtually undetectable. Another reason to choose them is that less of the healthy tooth structure needs to be removed, making them a fairly conservative restoration.

What’s the process for composite tooth fillings?

Our Parkdale dentists first prepares the affected tooth. The composite is then layered into the cavity using a special light to harden each layer. Once the cavity is full, the composite is shaped to fit. The final part of the process is to polish the composite to help prevent staining and early wear. 

How long do composite fillings take?

It all depends on the size of the cavity or fracture, its location in the mouth, and how many fillings are necessary. Naturally the larger the cavity, the longer the procedure will take. Parkdale patients should allow up to an hour or more for a composite filling. 

How soon can I eat after a composite dental filling?

The good news is that patients can eat immediately after getting the procedure. However, we would recommend waiting until the effects of the anaesthetic have worn off as it can be quite difficult to eat when your lips and mouth are numb.

We wouldn’t want you to have to visit the emergency dentist because of accidentally biting your tongue or lips. Although composite fillings are strong, it’s best to avoid food that is hot, crunchy or hard until the numbing wears off.

How long do composite tooth fillings last in Parkdale?

Patients can expect their composite fillings to last up to 10 years but this can be longer with good oral care, a healthy diet, and regular dental check-ups.