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Looking for quality dentures in Parkdale? If so, Synergy Dental Group are here to help. We offer a full range of denture services to give your smile a fresh start.

You deserve to feel happy with your smile! If you’re tired of living with problem teeth then dentures from our Parkdale dental clinic could help you to start enjoying life once more. A great-looking new denture could replace painful teeth that are beyond repair, restore confidence in your smile, and help you eat more tasty and nutritious foods. 

A denture is a set of artificial teeth that can replace one or two missing teeth or all of the teeth in one or both arches. A full denture rests on the gums if all of the teeth are missing while a partial denture clips onto the remaining teeth. 

Reasons to wear dentures in Parkdale Vic

Tooth loss can severely impact both your confidence and your oral health. Without teeth, your face will look older and shrunken. Even a few missing teeth can make a drastic difference to your smile. When teeth are missing they shift to fill the gap and this can result in a whole host of additional dental problems. 

A lack of teeth also affects your speech as well as the way you eat and the foods that you choose. If you’re unable to chew your food properly, you may be restricted to a diet of soft food that is often low in nutrients.  

Do you need dentures in Parkdale, Vic?

You may need a full denture if all of your teeth are missing or in need of extraction. We can provide you with an exquisite custom fit lower and/or upper acrylic denture. There’s also the option of having an over-denture that fits on to a few dental implants placed into your jaw. 

If you are looking for a non-invasive method of replacing just a few teeth, then a partial denture could be just the thing. We will design it to be removable but discreet with clasps that rest on neighbouring teeth for support. 

Dental Patient

Are you ready to make your smile whole again?

We have a complete range of denture options for you to choose from. To find out more come and speak to the friendly dentists at Synergy Dental Group located in Parkdale, Vic 3195. 

​Call our dentist in Parkdale Vic on (03) 7003 2185 or Book Online

We also welcome patients from other local Melbourne suburbs including Dingley Village, Moorabbin, and Aspendale.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

Is it hard to eat with a denture?

It may take a few weeks to get fully accustomed to eating with your denture. A denture doesn’t work the same as natural teeth or dental implants and Parkdale patients often find it is easier to cut their food into smaller pieces that are easier to chew. 

Do I need to use denture cream?

Provided your full denture has been well made and is a good fit it should remain in place. However, denture adhesive may give you more confidence in a new denture as you start to wear it.

How do I clean my denture?

This all depends on what your denture is made from. To be on the safe side, it’s best to ask our Parkdale dentist to recommend an approved denture cleaner. Usually, a mild dishwashing liquid is safe on dentures but check with your dentist first. 

Should I get a denture or implants?

The best way to decide is to schedule a consultation with a dentist that provides both dentures and implants. You can schedule a consultation with Synergy Dental Group in Parkdale, Vic where we can review all of your options to enable you to make an informed choice.