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Dental Check-up & Cleaning

A general check-up and clean in Parkdale, Vic is essential to maintain good oral health and to detect problems in their early stages. Contact Synergy Dental.

Dental Check-Up and Clean in Parkdale, Vic – Achieving a Smile For Life!

Capture a picture of your dental health

When you lead a hectic lifestyle, fitting in a dental check-up and clean at our Parkdale dental clinic may not seem that important. After all, your teeth look fine and you’re not in any pain. Yet, it may surprise you to learn that we consider dental check-ups to be the cornerstone of good dentistry. Why? 

The Importance of dental check-ups at our Parkdale dental clinic:

A dental check-up provides several benefits and not just for your oral health. Firstly, it helps to maintain the health and appearance of your teeth keeping your smile looking clean, healthy and sparkling and secondly –  having a great looking smile helps to give you a real confidence boost.

Regular check-ups also help our dentists get to know you better and hopefully, you’ll feel more at ease with us too.

Dental check-up and clean in Parkdale – What to expect:

A general check-up and clean is divided into two parts – an oral examination and dental cleaning. 

The oral examination

Before commencing the examination, our dentist will review your medical history and take x-rays to diagnose any problems such as impacted wisdom teeth, abscesses and cysts that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Our Parkdale dentist will then carefully examine your mouth, teeth and gums searching for signs of hardened tartar, infection and cavities. Finally, the head, tongue and jaw are examined for any signs of oral cancer. The earlier cancer is detected, the better chance there is of a successful outcome.

Photos of your teeth may also be taken during the appointment to help you see what the dentist sees.

Your results will be discussed and if any treatment is necessary, we will draw up a treatment plan to get your smile back on track. 

Dental cleaning in Parkdale

The final stage of a general check-up is to clean the teeth. The procedure is also referred to as a ‘scale and clean’ since it involves removing any hardened tartar from the teeth using ultrasonic cleaners that focus on the gum line. Brushing alone cannot remove all of the plaque and tartar. Once the teeth are free from tartar they will be polished with a fluoride paste removing any stains and discolouration, leaving them sparkling and feeling minty fresh. 

Dental Patient

Are you overdue a general check-up and clean in Parkdale, Mentone or Mordialloc?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Check Ups + Cleaning

How should I prepare for a general check-up and clean?

Brush and floss your teeth shortly before your dental visit, especially if you have just eaten. It helps our Parkdale dentist and hygienist assess how well you’re caring for your teeth at home. Since food particles contain germs, it also helps prevent transmission. 

Hold off teeth whitening as this can cause tooth sensitivity and you certainly don’t want that when you’re about to undergo cleaning. 

Oral devices such as retainers or mouthguards also collect tartar so bring your devices with you for a clean. Our dentist may be able to soak them in an ultrasonic cleaning machine so they’re ready once your appointment is over. 

Finally, If you’re ill, don’t forget to reschedule your appointment. 

How long does a general check-up and clean in Parkdale take?

A general check-up and clean can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the condition of your teeth. 

How often should I have a routine check-up and clean?

A regular check-up and clean is recommended at least twice a year, that is every 6 months. In some cases, even more frequently. It is important so that any new areas of decay and gum disease can be diagnosed in its early stages and managed appropriately and minimally.