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Custom Mouthguards & Splints

Our custom mouth guards and splints in Parkdale, Vic protect teeth from knocks sustained when playing sports and damage suffered from teeth grinding.

You only get one set of adult teeth so it’s important to protect them at all times! Whether you or your children are active in sports or you wake up in pain following a night spent grinding your teeth, one thing’s for certain – your teeth need protection.

Our high-quality custom mouthguards and mouth splints are professionally fitted and not only protect the teeth from injury but can save you thousands of dollars spent in receiving veneers, crowns or other cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore a damaged smile. 

Find out more below about the types of mouthguards and splints available from our Parkdale Vic dentist.

Custom Mouthguards – Don’t leave home without one!

We provide custom mouthguards for children and adults that play contact sports and engage in other physical activities that put them at risk of damage to the teeth, gums, lips, jaw and lower skull. Made with flexible materials, they conform to the shape of the mouth and absorb any shocks to the mouth. Whether you play rugby or soccer, a mouthguard helps prevent broken or chipped teeth as well as more serious injuries such as a concussion or broken jaw.  

Dental Splints – Protect your teeth while you sleep!

If you grind or clench your teeth at night (bruxism) our dentist may recommend you wear a dental splint or nightguard for teeth grinding. Designed to be worn over the upper or lower teeth, a dental or occlusal splint places the jaw into a natural position, relieving pressure and preventing further damage to the teeth or jaw. While a dental splint will not stop you from grinding your teeth, it will relieve symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, and bite disorders and help you and your bed partner get a better night’s sleep.

It’s thought that stress is a major cause for teeth grinding and our Parkdale dentists may recommend relaxation techniques and counselling to help you manage your condition. 

Dental Patient

Don’t Put Your Smile at Risk

If you think you may be grinding your teeth or you play a lot of sports, then book an appointment with our friendly experienced dentists to discuss how our custom mouthguards and splints in Parkdale Vic can help protect your teeth and smile. 

Residents from Parkdale and neighbouring suburbs including Cheltenham, Mentone, Moorabbin, Dingley Village, Mordialloc, Braeside, Aspendale and Aspendale Gardens can also contact Synergy Dental Group for a wide range of affordable, high-quality dental services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mouthguards and Splints

How long will my mouthguard or splint last?

Depending on the usage and the extent of teeth grinding and clenching, your custom mouthguard or dental splint should last between 3 and 5 years.

Why should I invest in a custom mouthguard over a store-bought mouthguard?

Store-bought mouthguards are one-size-fits-all appliances and as such are unlikely to provide an exact fit for you or your child. Professionally fitted custom mouthguards from our Parkdale dentist fit precisely over the teeth and offer a higher level of protection. They are more comfortable to wear and less likely to become loose. Furthermore, they won’t affect your speech or breathing in the way that some store-bought mouthguards can.