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Have you ever encountered the unfortunate situation of breaking a tooth filling? It’s something that could occur to anyone without warning, and it is certainly not an enjoyable experience. What must be done when facing this predicament? Does one need to contact an emergency dentist right away, or can it wait until later on?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Cracking or breaking a dental filling is actually quite common. Although it’s usually not an urgent situation, to prevent tooth decay or further breakage of the affected teeth, seek out an emergency dentist right away. Delaying could cause the spreading and worsening of your condition, resulting in more serious complications down the line.


Broken tooth filling- When is it an emergency?

Are you experiencing excruciating pain from exposed tissue? Don’t fret! At Synergy Dental, we have set aside a handful of appointments during the day for those requiring immediate dental attention. Put your mind at ease,  and come visit us now to get yourself out of this stressful situation.

Although it isn’t a pressing issue if your dental filling falls out and you don’t feel any discomfort, we still recommend that you see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Don’t worry – there’s no need for same-day treatment, but quicker action will help ensure the best outcome.

Although dental fillings are incredibly strong and usually last for up to a decade, they may possibly become cracked or dislocated due to long-term usage. After all, the act of eating, gnawing on your food, or clenching and grinding can put substantial pressure on these monomers – potentially leading to fractures in their structure. Thus it is not surprising when people encounter a broken or chipped tooth after some time has passed since the filling insertion into the cavity.


Symptoms of a broken tooth filling

When it comes to maintaining your dental health, being mindful of the signs of a chipped tooth or broken filling is crucial. If you can detect these indicators early, then an emergency visit to the dentist won’t be necessary – only an assessment will suffice. Here are three key red flags:

  • You may notice your tooth is extra sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, accompanied by a sudden piercing sensation that usually vanishes within seconds. To avoid further aggravation of the afflicted area, you might even shy away from eating on the side where that particular tooth lies.
  • When you take a bite that is too hard, you may experience the sound of cracking in your mouth and find an unexpected small object.
  • As you roll your tongue across the surface of your tooth, you may notice a slight depression, hole or crack. The cavity or fracture might snag on other tissues such as lips, tongue and cheeks resulting in soreness.


If you think you have a flawed or broken dental filling, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our Synergy dentists. They will analyse the damage and determine the most effective way to restore your tooth. Don’t put off this important visit; contact us anytime.


What to do before your dentist appointment?

If you have a broken filling, there isn’t much to be done beyond pain treatment. However, if your tooth hurts, you can take over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for relief.

broken tooth fillings parkdaleAdditionally, rinsing your mouth with warm salt water is useful in cleaning the area and preventing infection.

Plus, if your face becomes swollen due to the breakage, then applying a cold compress may help reduce any inflammation or swelling.


Try purchasing some dental cement or sugarless chewing gum from the nearest store and use it to cover any affected area until you can get professional help.


Dental emergency appointment for broken fillings– What to expect?

When you come to an expert dental team, they will take an X-ray of your teeth in order to understand the scope of damage and any other conditions present. Most likely,  a simple dental filling will be all that is required for treatment unless you have broken teeth; even if no pain is felt by the patient, it’s still necessary to fill the cavity and discuss what type of materials are best suited for this purpose.

Many times, a broken tooth filling can be repaired with ease. The type of filling material your dentist suggests will depend on how serious the damage is and the location of the affected tooth. Amalgam fillings are recommended for back molars that have to tolerate lots of pressure when chewing, while composite fillings, available in various colours, are typically used for teeth visible in smile lines at the front of the mouth.


What if the tooth breaks or cracks?

If you ever find yourself with a broken filling that leads to tooth chipping or cracking, don’t stress. You can reach out to an emergency dentist for immediate help and discover multiple solutions for restoring your damaged tooth. Generally speaking, the available corrective procedures include the following:

Dental crown 

 Dental crowns are the perfect way to protect and strengthen cracked or damaged teeth. They provide a thick covering over your whole tooth, restoring both its aesthetics as well as functioning. Plus, with multiple types of materials available, ranging from porcelain to gold- you can customise it according to your personal preference.

Dental bonding

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, this treatment is much less intrusive and requires minimal preparation. We use tooth-coloured composite material to smooth the surface of your tooth before shaping it into its natural form and hardening it with a blue light.

Dental veneers

These personalised dental covers are designed for the front surface of broken or cracked teeth and can be crafted from composite resin or porcelain.

Root canal  treatment

If a broken or fractured tooth leads to an infection, root canal therapy may be needed, as well as the application of a dental crown.

Tooth extraction

If the natural tooth is beyond repair, it may have to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant (an artificial tooth).


Do you have a broken tooth filling? 

At Synergy Dental Group, we prioritise dental emergencies. Our dentists are available to take on any dental woes and will always leave room in their daily schedule for unexpected oral emergencies or damaged fillings. Our dentists are dedicated to finding the ideal repair solution for you and your smile based on your preferences, dental needs, and budget.

Don’t wait – call us today to save your permanent teeth from irreversible damage.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 





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